Piano Classes

We provide piano lessons from all levels from elementary to advanced. The lessons take place at The Music Room and last from 30 minutes and one hour depending on the student’s needs and stage of learning.

Piano lessons are provided on a one to one basis. All students are encouraged to take exams which are set by The Royal Irish Academy of Music.  Please note that there is examination fee payable to RIAM upon each application. Exam fees will vary depending on the grade being entered for.

During your piano lesson we focus on finger exercises, technical ability and execution, sight-reading, ear tests and chosen repertoire.  The repertoire used in the class will be determined by the student’s needs for example, are they studying for an exam or are they learning for fun?

Musicianship theory is optional but it is advised that students strongly consider participation in this during the lesson as it will complement the instrument being learned. Written examinations and certification is available.

Beginners Group Lessons- Keyboard

As a progression from our Early Years Pre-Instrumental Programme, we offer a small group tuition in keyboard. Students will continue their musical journey in the comfort and security of their group setting having just completed our Early Years Pre-Instrumental Programme.  After one year, students will be able to diverge and progress to one to one tuition on the piano.