Singing Course

The voice is an instrument and here we offer voice training/singing lessons to help your voice reach its unique potential.  The lessons take place at The Music Room and last from 30 minutes and one hour depending on the student’s needs and stage of learning.

Lessons are one to one, during which the tutor will work on technique with warm up exercise, breathing techniques, pith and vocal exercises which will broaden the students range and strengthen the vocal chords.

There are two singing syllabuses with The Royal Irish Academy of Music. One is focused on classical material while the Theatrical syllabus concentrates on material from the musicals.  Singing exams are encouraged as they offer a focus and help to achieve goals.  Please note that there is examination fee payable to RIAM upon each application. Exam fees will vary depending on the grade being entered for.

Musicianship theory is optional but it is advised that students strongly consider participation in this during the lesson as it will complement what is being learned. Written examinations and certification is available.

Youth Choral Group/Choir

Choir is a fun and educational music class for children aged between 7 years plus. The benefits of singing in a choir are numerous and this class is free for students already enrolled in tuition at The Music Room otherwise fees apply.  This weekly class offers:

  • Developing aural skills, pitch and intonation
  • Learn vocal and breath control techniques
  • Making ensemble music and being part of a choral team
  • Social interaction within the group, confidence building in ensemble performance
  • Learning age-appropriate repertoire
  • Prepare for public performances and group examinations/competitions